Sitenote – A Tool For Marketers To Launch Delightful Website Notifications (powered By AI). external link

Gone are the days when marketers were required to sell their souls to developers to launch simple popup campaigns. With sitenote, you can design and build notification campaigns on your own and increase your website conversion rate through targeted popups, top notification bars, side notifications etc. The setup process is a breeze, and the app is deliciously easy to use. You can even use an AI to write the notification copy for you.

Top features:
– No code: Anyone can launch website notification campaigns using sitenote.
– Platform agnostic: You can install sitenote on any website – irrespective of your tech-stack.
– Mobile first: Highlight content on your website on the go.
– AI-powered: Use generative AI to create content for you and machine learning to show targeted messages on your website.

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