The Sling – Rethinking The Phone And Tablet Case external link

Phones and tablets keep getting thinner and harder to hold with each new generation. I don’t get it either. Sling fits like a glove. It eliminates slips and cramps while reading, gaming, browsing, drawing and watching videos on the couch or on the go. Sling has a place for your headphones, stylus, USB drives and more so you can keep what you need on hand. It can be mounted almost anywhere as a result of the design.
Sling ensures zero discomfort from extended usage. Whether you’re reading, working, browsing or gaming. Commute conveniently, read comfortably, work smarter and game harder with the Sling. The small differences the Sling makes go a long way.
The Sling is for the commuters and travelers, for offices and warehouses, for the movers and the recliners, for outdoor and indoor gamers.
For the makers out there – all files for the Sling are available for download for you to 3D Print yourself.

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