Snap Face – DIY Snap Photo And Chat For Windows external link

Enjoy unlimited unique stickers and fantastic photo filters for the snap chat.
The app has many unique stickers for the snap chat. You can add emojis and filters to your photos for enjoying with your friends on social media.
Different categories stickers available such as Emoji, Crown, Glasses, Hair, Masks, Monkey, Eye, Mustache, Beard, Tattoo and more.
Start now with funny Selfie Snapshots and decorate your Face with your favourite animals stickers like Doggy, Cat, Monkey and many funny animals face effect stickers like cute rabbit, eyes, tears and more.
Add text and add stickers to your images.
Place it in the right position on your face on the photo.
Take a photo or choose a photo from the gallery.
Select Emojis/stickers/Filters to put on your images.
Zoom in/Zoom out, rotate left/right with 2 fingers or using the mouse on the desktop to adjust emojis/stickers/text.
Save Images in your Phone or Sd-Card.
Share your creative funny pictures on social networks.

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  1. Tommy Bishop says:

    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!

  2. Tommy Bishop says:

    you should charge for this app