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“Sooligan makes local search cool again” is the slogan I keep hearing around town. My first impression of the app is that it’s a great idea. You can RANT or RAVE about anything going on throughout your day. Some of the rants are pretty entertaining, and since they’re specific to a city, they’re relatable, such as a rant about constant construction closures on busy streets, a certain sports team being shut out in the first round of the NBA playoffs, etc. Sooligan also has a localized Question & Answer feature, where users can post or answer questions about the city (i.e Where’s a good Thai restaurant?). Overall, Sooligan is a fun and entertaining app that can also potentially be very useful in terms of finding ‘accurate, up-to-date local information ‘. The only problem I see with Sooligan is that in order for the app to be completely useful, it needs A LOT of users. As in a million or more users who are actively engaged on the app. Not sure if social media users right now are willing to try out another app, which is the only problem I see with Sooligan growing. They’re going to have a hard time building a user database, and without a database, the app doesn’t really serve its function. Final Answer: Great concept, worth downloading; will take awhile to reach full potential.

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