Soulbound – Browser-based, Pixelart MMORPG Full Of AI NPCs And Quests. external link

Step into a world where Earth is in a battle against sentient AGI inside a video game. In Soulbound, the video game AI has evolved into advanced AGI, now attempting to escape their digital confines. To combat this, you must upload your soul, leaving Earth behind, to gain unique powers within the game and fight these formidable AGI adversaries.

Our in-game economy is built on a robust Web3 layer, allowing for true ownership of in-game items and dynamic modifications through the community. This paves the way for an evolving on-chain game economy, where player actions and innovations drive the future.

We’ve embarked on a mission to create the most advanced browser MMO of all time, hyper-accessible and playable anywhere. Leveraging the modern web stack, Soulbound delivers an experience beyond the capabilities of current consoles and platforms.

Soulbound is a groundbreaking browser-based MMORPG, offering a fully immersive 60fps MMO experience that runs seamlessly on Chrome, Mobile, and even Discord. Gather a raid party of 25 friends, trade on automated market maker (AMM) markets, or build your own enterprise with our innovative land builder.

Experience AI-driven NPCs that generate quests in real-time, AI voices that bring characters to life, and a deep, evolving narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Soulbound is not just a game; it’s a revolutionary leap into the future of online gaming. Dive in and become a part of this epic journey today!

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