Soulside – The World’s First 3D Social Media App external link

Soulside is the first 3D social media app and aims to add depth to how people communicate and interact in creative, digital spaces. In contrast to traditional social media platforms, the founders want to encourage Soulside users to develop themselves by focusing on creativity: To do so, users create individual 3D spaces that reflect their inner world and connect with other users through them. The spaces create a platform for expressing and sharing personal life themes through a digital, artistic medium. Content moderators support individual users in their room design and activate the community for deeper, value-based exchange with each other. The number of followers plays a subordinate role at Soulside.

Soulside sees itself as a responsible technology company that prioritizes the individuality and privacy of its users. It was founded in 2019 by Alexander Büchler and Thomas Gross. The company employs around ten people and is headquartered in Berlin. The app is available free of charge in the App Store and Playstore.

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  1. Nancy Griffin says:

    Really awesome I liked it😊

  2. Donna Butler says:

    I like this app most