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Conzurge,the Delaware based educational tech and media platform that is decoding emerging world happiness, today announced the launch of Soziohunt;their first intuitive mobile app, and with a niche; it’s the first crowd detective application in the world.

Nearly,80 million people go missing every year;40% are children.Soziohunt drives goal driven collective social hunts for the “Missing” by connecting finders and seekers, and further mediates a reward.

“Our goal is to create multiple action response teams within the first one hour of registering a missing person’s profile.When multiple teams co-ordinate within geofences;the chances of finding a missing person are greater.”-says Flavia Gabriel, head of digital design at Conzurge.

Conzurge also has plans to set up nationwide data centers and back end finder support teams to monitor progress of registered cases.
“The interface is rather easy to use with native chat apps,geo maps, support tools, social profiles and encrypted networking. It takes five minutes to set up an actionable profile,and we hope to have the first response team set up in the next one hour.” continues Flavia.

Many times it is the breadwinner who goes missing. Family and friends behind, is left to struggle with what to do. Some wonder whether they should file a missing persons report with the police department. While others who have filed a missing person report with local authorities, feel they are not being taken seriously. This is especially true in cases of missing teenagers and adults.

Soziohunt functions on the 24 hour factor, says Jees Raj, founder of Conzurge and developer of Soziohunt. The first 24 hours after a person goes missing are vital, and this is critical considering the low police officer to people ratio in the world. The high number of missing persons further result in high costs for law enforcement agencies; and with the police spending nearly 14% of their time looking for missing people,Soziohunt does help to cut down costs on a larger scale.”, he adds.

Adding to Soziohunt’s scalability, Jees says, “The generation today is not me-me as many claim; and we expect more youngsters to sign up for social hunts once the product is launched. It’s an opportunity for them to contribute to a social cause, and which we are sure, they will.”

“Soziohunt is a quick response application”, adds Sophia Manuel,Designer and Co-founder at Conzurge. The purpose here is to create a platform with centralized data; and where the community and law enforcers interact, assess risks and analyzes information to effectively solve a missing case. Collective search hunts have proven more effective in the first twenty four hours.

We love the fact that Soziohunt builds an Empathetical Social Circuit. Missing people should be located as soon as possible to reduce the impacts on those left behind. Early location also reduces the missing persons’ vulnerability to becoming either a victim of crime, or in some cases, an offender.The impact ofco-ordinated field presence in preventing disappearances is quite significant.

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