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Space Zombies is a game that takes you through a journey in space. In this adventure ,you encounter Zombies!
But don’t worry , not all zombies are bad , there are also good zombies .
Red zombies are the good guys, and green zombies are the bad ones.

Now, things aren’t that simple in space. You’ll discover that these zombies can moonwalk (move in reverse).While moonwalking , zombies will swap their colors from green to red and red to green. So the bad zombies would be disguised as the good ones and vice versa.

But sometimes the story might require you to stop the good zombies too, perhaps when they get drunk. Make sure to read the story line very carefully before each scene !

Finished playing the Story Mode ?
Compete with friends to get the highest score in the Infinity Mode!


-2 Modes (Story / Infinite)
-Challenge friends via Whatsapp

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