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SQEDit is the best communication scheduling tool that allows you to schedule and automate message sending & contact calling, thus boosting your productivity and relieving you from the stress of remembering to do so.

Set your preferred date & time and let SQEDit automatically:
+ Send Emails
+ Post on Facebook
+ Send WhatsApp messages
+ Send SMS messages
…and even CALL your contacts! Don’t wait until the last-minute to get the job done, use your free time today to start completing tasks in the future!

Scheduling e-mails, posts, and messages has never been easier! Simply:
1. Write down your content
2. Choose recipient(s) from your contacts
3. Select appropriate date & time

..and let SQEDit do the rest!

SQEDit will automatically send your content at the selected time unless you choose to be notified before. Once you are reminded of your pre-scheduled task, you will be given the option to edit the content and / or date & time before proceeding with it.

So What is SQEDit? Is it a(n):
1. To-Do list Schedule?
2. Reminder Alarm?
3. Automation Tool?

It’s actually all the above! The ideal 3-in-1 productivity app for communication!

SQEDit is perfect for
+ Bloggers managing multiple communication channels with their fans
+ Businessmen working and communicating in multiple time zones
+ Marketers who want to send their message when it is most likely to be read
+ Drivers who wish to avoid texting & driving and finish their communication tasks before they get in the car
+ Management consultants who need to send e-mails to clients or colleagues at a very late / early hour
+ Individuals who or are busy at the time when the message needs to be sent (e.g. driving, in a meeting)
+ People who need to remind others to complete a specific task (“don’t forget the groceries!”)
+ Everyone who wishes to set reminders and send birthday greetings to family & friends

FUN FACT: You can even use it to send a message now to your future self, listing your goals and reminders of what you want to accomplish, and see how you’ve progressed! Nothing’s better than being surprised with a message from your past-self, in the future.

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  1. Antoinette Bradley says:

    I never rate app weather I hate them or not but I am rating this app.

  2. Rose Price says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!