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Stuttering is probably the only disability that people still mock. People who stutter face humiliation and
discrimination all across the world.
Two of the three founders of Stamurai stutter. That has helped us shape the vision and mission of
Stamurai to help anyone who stutters irrespective of their geographic location. The founders have felt the
lack of comprehensive speech therapy for the better part of their lives. Moreover, speech therapy is not
accessible to everyone. It can be expensive and a person who stutters can relapse (>80% relapse rates)
even after extensive therapy.
Stamurai aims to bridge the gap between the demand for speech therapy and the lack of availability of a
speech therapist for everyone in need. The team strives to use technology to make high-quality speech
therapy accessible and affordable for everyone. We deliver modern speech therapy to smartphones in the
form of an easy-to-use app.

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