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StatsGlitch removes the pain from daily checking of your Google Analytics stats. Less time wasted = more exciting things to do.

🧔 For Solo Founders/Blog Owners – use a free plan and available presets for setting up the most common traffic alerts. We all have side projects which we care about, but can’t dedicate enough time, especially for investigating traffic glitches. Setup once and you won’t miss your next week-long outage (true story), or a mention on social media which drove you a ton of lost traffic.

👩‍💻 For Startups – I’m sure you already have a vision of which metrics matter to you. Setup a custom or real-time alerts to track your referrals, goal completion, or bounce rate. Keep an eye on basically everything you can track via Google Analytics. Automatically forward alerts to responsible people in your team or even setup a webhook. Merely being aware of your traffic already places you higher than your competitors.

👨‍💼 For Agencies – the pain of continually maintaining clients projects is overwhelming enough, not to mention monitoring their Google Analytics. Add the most important alerts to your clients once, and forget that pain. You can be sure, that StatsGlitch will notify you if something “weird” will happen. Maintain all clients alerts under one roof and finally take full control.

🤖 For Everybody – if daily or real-time alerts are not a massive thing for you, StatsGlitch has one more thing to offer. You can setup a weekly overview report and always stay informed about your most important metrics in a non-intrusive way. Receive a traffic/goals report once a week, nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. Julia Thomas says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential