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Stolo is an all-in-one options trading app for Indian traders which provides the following:
• 20+ live market analysis graphs & charts
• OI data & OI charts for a better understanding of market movement
• Paper trading with unlimited virtual capital
• Live market trade automation to retail options traders

Features of Stolo – India’s Ultimate Options Trading App

Stolo gives everything you need in one ultimate app to simplify options trading and empowers traders with options scalping, positional trading and intraday trading.

With features like live options market analysis, OI Analysis, Option Chain, FII / DII Activity, Sectoral Indices, Futures & Options Charts, Paper or Virtual Trading and Trade Automation, this is the only options trading app you’ll need to become the ultimate options traders.

• Options Market Analysis – Options market trends across top Indices, dedicated NIFTY & BANKNIFTY daily trends with greeks, insights on top market mover stocks. Get access to 20+ real options market data-backed charts & data to analyse and interpret market movement for all Futures & Options.

• Open Interest (OI) Analysis – Predict stock market direction with in-depth OI analysis with Option Chain, Call/Put OI Analysis and Multi-strike OI across NIFTY, BANKNIFTY & FINNIFTY.
Stolo provides realtime OI data and OI Charts to help traders analyse realtime options market movements.

• Paper Trading with Real Market Data – Learn, practice and master the stock market through our highly accurate paper trading app integrated with our powerful terminal to perfect your blueprint for profitable trades.
You get a free virtual account with a starting virtual capital of INR 10lakhs which can be reset to continue your options trading learning journey.
You can place unlimited orders and learn options trading across Nifty, BankNifty & FinNifty.

• Order Analysis – Unlock in-depth data of every single trade to understand your trading pattern, find out the most profitable rule, best trading times, margin utilisation & more.

• Option Chain – Access realtime option chain data and charts across all Futures & Options on Stolo app.

• Options Trade Planner & Calculator – Plan your profit goals, trading schedule & patterns at a daily & monthly level based on real market data and margin available.

• Options Trading Terminal – A super powerful one-window terminal with market analysis, OI data, order analysis & more, all in one place, and the ability to place basket orders.

• Trading Journal – As part of our trading power tools, users can access the trading journal tool for free on the Stolo app.
The trading journal helps traders note their trades and log their observations & notes, which can help analyse and understand their trading mindset and style.

• Trade Automation – With the Stolo Ultimate plan, users can access the trade automation features, which can be used for rule-based order placing, algorithmic trading

Stolo offers a plan for all types of traders – from beginners to advanced traders. The plans offered by Stolo are:

• Basic – A free forever plan which lets users explore Stolo app for free and understand the offerings

• Starter – A plan suited for beginners and learners to understand options trading through fundamental analysis & graphs and paper trading with the virtual capital

• Lite – Our most popular plan, which offers 20+ premium options market analysis graphs and charts with realtime OI data, strategy builder & more

• Pro – Best suited for seasoned options traders offering unlimited basket orders, order analyser, market screeners & more

• Ultimate – Exclusive plan with access to trade automation, options scalping terminal & more.

Sign up on Stolo App for free & avail our limited-time free upgrade to Stolo Pro.

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