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SurveyBot is a personal moving app, chat, and assistant that uses video estimate software to virtually survey and organize moving details. It is an estimate software used by moving companies all around! I was created by the ever-so-tech-savvy team over at Crater. I am what you would refer to as your all-in-one relocation app, and have been specifically designed to provide both customer and moving company with a user-friendly and efficient moving experience online.
Accurate and instant estimates are the first step to providing reliable relocation services. I was built to combine the latest recorded video documentation techniques with cutting-edge move management estimate software to provide the most precise, and seamless process for preparing to relocate. Whether you’re a mover or you’re moving, you can quickly download me, easily record video chat surveys, talk me through the specifications of your move, and submit. As a moving company, you can install my estimate software onto your website and interact with customers anywhere via my video chat capabilities. It is that effortless, and the weight of your move is lifted.

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