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SvelteLaunch: Your Svelte 5 Boilerplate for Fast-Tracking SaaS and AI App Development

Key Features:
– Database and Authentication: With seamless Supabase integration, SvelteLaunch offers robust database management and secure server-side authentication right out of the box.

– Payments Integration: Streamline your payment processing with Stripe, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for your users.

– Transactional Emails: Keep your users informed with automated, reliable email notifications powered by Mailgun.

– Reusable Components: Save time and maintain consistency with a library of pre-built, reusable components tailored for Svelte 5.

– Automated SEO: Enhance your web presence effortlessly with built-in automated SEO tools, ensuring your project gets the visibility it deserves.

– AI Ready: A 1:1 coverage secure API for building AI apps with OpenAI API.

– Styling: Create beautiful websites with TailwindCSS and Skeleton UI.

SvelteLaunch is more than just a boilerplate; it’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to help you ship high-quality SaaS applications quickly. With lifetime support and access to a dedicated Discord community, you’ll have all the assistance you need on your development journey.

Forget the hassle of setting up complex infrastructure and focus on what truly matters—building innovative solutions and delightful user experiences. Join the SvelteLaunch community today and revolutionize the way you build SaaS-based businesses.

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