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Swipe Defense is a simple physics based game. Swipe the green monsters to knock all the red enemies off the screen.

– 36 unique levels (easy, medium and hard)
– 3 bonus challenge levels (boss included)
– 4 challenges to complete along the way
– Unlock new monsters, enemies and blocks (like a teleporter!)

How to Play:
1) Simply swipe a green monster in the desired direction to move
2) Aim to knock the red monsters off the map, but don’t let your green monsters fall
3) A green monster cannot contact a red monster if they are different shapes
4) Utilize the blocks around you to help knock monsters off the map

Find the shortest way to swipe all the red monsters off the map. Only a certain number of swipes are allowed to pass a level – so think carefully. The levels start off easy, and grow more challenging as you play on – requiring precise aiming and strategy. Good luck! Can you rid each level from the evil monsters and defend the maps, even from the Overseer Boss with his special ability? Will you complete all the challenges? Play now and put your skills to the test!

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  1. Willie Turner says:

    thank you

  2. Louise Lee says:

    Love this app!

  3. Donna Butler says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential