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Tasbeeh Counter is an app through which we can easily count our zikr. This app is specially designed for those people who want to count or manage their zikr which they recite and you can also tally any activity in the app.

How to Count or Recite the zikr :

Tasbeeh Counter keep saving your no. of counts/tally until you reset it or totally close the app. When you open the app splash screen appears with beautiful recitation of BISMILLAH verse then it will take you the main screen where you can recite your zikr or tasbeeh.

Tap on the press button it will increase the no. of counts in the counter. The sound effect is embedded in the press button that will confirm your count. If you don’t want to listen to the sound effect so you can decrease your phone volume.

For Reset, tap on the yellow shape reset button, it will reset your counter to 0.

App’s UI and UX is very simple and attractive.

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  1. Lawrence Torres says:

    you should charge for this app