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Enter the world of productivity and build your future, one day at a time – with Task Focus. Once you start using it, you will be surprised at how helpful a tool like Task Focus can be for accomplishing your important goals.

What Task Focus is About

Task management that zooms into what’s truly important and gives you a genuine feeling of accomplishment…
… while keeping a detailed track record and providing meaningful insights into your performance
… for understanding your past is the key to improving your future
… so that every day counts
… and letting share your progress with friends – for bragging rights and motivation
… wrapped in a slick modern design.

How Task Focus Works

– At the beginning of your day, write down your most important tasks. Every task list should be doable in 24 hours.
– When you finish a task, just tap on it, and it will be crossed out.
– After you complete your task list, you can archive it and on the next day you will be asked to enter a new task list.

As you complete your tasks, you earn badges that reflect your unique pattern of usage and differentiate you from the other users. Logging in with Facebook lets you share your earned badges and completed lists.

Don’t let procrastination drag you down – set your goals and Focus!

For more information & tips visit – http://taskfocusapp.com/

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