Task Nearby – Tailor-made, Battery Efficient Location Reminders external link

It’s common to forget tasks we’ve to do on our way. So, here’s a must have productivity boosting app called Task Nearby which provides reliable, accurate and highly battery efficient location reminders. You can customize everything about the reminders including: reminder distance, date/time range, add images/notes, alarm tone, notification etc.
It uses AI to intelligently adjust location updates in order to minimize battery use. If you don’t want to use GPS, switch to cellular networks by turning on Power Saver mode.
For using this app while driving, we’ve added voice alerts which enable the app to talk to you.
Stay on top of what you need to do and never forget to do something important again. No more going back to same place again leading to saved travelling. Productivity booster, allows you to stay tension-free.

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  1. Willie Turner says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for

  2. Joyce Russell says:

    Really nice.