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Taxhub began out of the need to solve the two main problems in personal tax return industry. Consumers have two choices when it comes to getting their taxes done. They can either go to a traditional franchise tax prep firm and get charged an arm and a leg for something that take then less than an hour to do or they can attempt the cheaper option and go through the extremely frustrating task of going online and trying to do it themselves. The major players in this industry have been extremely slow to change their m.o and provide a solution that addresses both the high cost of having a paid preparer file your taxes and the frustration of trying to do it yourself online.

Taxhub combines the ease of having a professional finalize and file your return with the cost savings of not having the expense of a brick and mortar site. Our unique process enables significant overhead savings. These savings are passed on to you. You end up having the reassurance of tax professional file your taxes at more than half the cost!

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