Taxi Centrale X-Cellent – Optimal Service To Be Able To Travel Carefree. external link

X-Cellent offers a whole new, fresh look at taxi services in the Leiden region. We take your ride to a higher level. You will experience our expertise at every taxi ride.

At Taxi X-Cellent we ensure that your taxi transport is always of the highest quality. You will notice this, among other things, through our skilled drivers who are all certified. So they are not only trained drivers, they understand what you as a customer need to have such a comfortable journey.

All our cars are luxuriously equipped with the best leather upholstery, air conditioning, navigation, and all the extras that you can expect. We have cars for every occasion, group transport, individual transport and even VIP transport. But even the normal private person will feel like a VIP during a ride with taxi central xcellent.

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  1. Jerald Henderson says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential

  2. Douglas Baker says:

    very well made