Team Today – The Simplest Way To Manage And Plan Hybrid Working external link

Team Today is a web app and MS Teams app that lets people set and see when and where their colleagues are working from – if it’s at home, in the office (and whereabouts in the office), on leave, offsite, or if it’s their non-working day. This makes it easier for people to plan when to be in the office and to see when their friends and colleagues are working.

In addition to this key feature, Team Today also offers optional features that let companies handle office or desk bookings, show office floor plans with hot spots, manage annual leave (with or without an approval process), add key responsibilities to users (fire wardens, first aiders, etc), and add custom whereabouts to personalize the app to your company.

It’s these features and our approach to prioritizing the experience of a typical user which has made Team Today as popular as it is in the companies that use it.

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