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Teamjeenyus is built by sales people for salespeople. Whether remote, hybrid, or co-located, sales teams are most successful when they are focused, knowledgable, and on the same page.

Teamjeenyus allows for customizable onboarding experiences with quizzes to chart new hire success in learning their new position. This function carries over into customized and gamified training modules for current employees, trackable by leaders so they know who is learning, at what pace, and the results attained.

Individual or group coaching with in-app video solutions for meeting, self recorded pitch training, and sharing of content with teams, groups, or coaches.

Personalize customer buying experiences for each individual lead with StoryTeller, a simple to use landing page builder for sharing password protected video, pricing, images and files. Track the opens so reps know when buyers are thinking about their pitch.

Personal and team content repositories, keeping all shareable marketing content in one place and on brand. Knowing which marketing assets are most effective helps keep marketing in lock step with sales.

Screen record with webcam insert for recorded demos, walkthroughs, or training.

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