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With our Text Repeater App, you can generate and send a repeated text to your watssap,messenger friends easily with few clicks.

— Text Repeater For Chat And Messenger
Many times we want to send repeated text messages to our friends on WhatsApp or facebook so we found that we must copy/paste the same text multiple times which is a boring process! but with our Text Repeater you just have to write the text you want and also you can include emoji, then choose the number of repetition you want and click Load then booom your repeated text is ready, so you can copy or share it with your friends easily on any social network and chat:watssap, Instagram, snapchat, also at comments.

— Blank Messages Generator For Chat And Messenger
You can impress your watssap friends with your abilities When you send an empty message with a lot of rows it takes quite a lot of time to scroll the whole message until the end, Text Repeater makes it possible to send empty WhatsApp messages. But you can also just copy the empty text into your clipboard so that you can put it in your WhatsApp status or post it on other Social Networks.

— Crazy Text for watssap and messenger
Did you want an easy tool to send an amazing crazy text to your friends through watssap or messenger ? This Text Repeater allows you to do that through simple clicks, you can send a lot of emojis or digits or ascii through your watssap or messenger easily.
You want to know more !!!, check the app and leave your feedback in it.
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  1. Lawrence Torres says:

    you should charge for this app

  2. Henry Clark says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..

  3. Brenda Perry says:

    Love this app!