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Following the success of the trilogy novel, The Adventures of Wanara is now packed in game and graphic novels to reach international market and pleased the fans. The Adventures of Wanara: Astra Mantra is the brand new adventure game available in iTunes and Google Play­ along with its graphic novel Garuda Riders volume 1 & 2. Both game and novels tell a tales about Naradja, the descendant of 3 tribes (Wanara, Manussa and Rahwana) set 1000 years after Ramayana epic. In this adventure, Naradja have to avert the awakening of the demon inside his body.

The first novel named Garuda Rider volume 1 “Runaway.” In this first volume tells the story about the history of Naradja’s birth. The story begin with pursuit of Bimata’s family, grandparents of Naradja by Raksasaghna organisation. Bimata and his daughter Anindya (Naradja’s mother) flee to Kiskenda Republic. Separated with his wife Locita and his son Durta.

The second novel named Garuda Rider volume 2 “The Chosen One.” In “The Chosen One” tells the story about teenage Naradja that aspire to be a true garuda rider. His dad, Narapati against Naradja’s will. He didn’t want the Kiskenda republic government and Raksasaghna organisation notice their existence. It tells that in such a young age, Naradja can easily tame an angry garuda.


Both version has:

– More than 30 full colors illustrations

– Traditional music from Bali

– Mini games

– Animations and Special FX

– New songs from animated series of Garuda Riders

– Two languages option: Indonesia & English

These interactive novel are based on the best seller novel The Adventures of Wanara. With more modern and interactive media, rather than using conservative paper to give users new real experience read a novel. In addition, animation, background music (BGM) and mini games will give user an experience to another new level.

Both game and novels are packed in detailed, eye-catchy artworks. And the BGM, with vicious strain of gamelan instruments arousing mystical Balinese atmosphere to make the game alive. These two multimedia apps are a creation of Mechanimotion Entertainment.

And as a sweet dessert they’ve released The Adventures of Wanara: Astra Mantra.

The Adventures of Wanara : Astra Mantra has unique gameplay that distinguished itself by other typical adventure games. This game has 15 different stages that should be accomplished by Naradja, with 5 bosses that spread alongside the story. Luckily, Naradja given two different abilities, which is weaponry (Astra) and magic (Mantra) to fight against enemies. Before Naradja can release his abilities, players should break the puzzle given. The faster the puzzle can be solved the stronger he attack. Throughout the game players can upgrade their skills and buy new Astra & Mantra to make Naradja even stronger.


The game can be downloaded here:


The game has:

– Interactive Adventure Games

– Traditional Balinese music

– Polished artwork & beautiful animation

– Upgrade & Item store

– Leaderboards


More about The Adventures of Wanara by Mechanimotion can be seen here:

– Official website

– Facebook

– Twitter

– YouTube


But, the journey of TAOW doesn’t end here. Mechanimotion Entertainment will complete the series by releasing the 3D animation in a short moment. So, stay tuned!


Mechanimotion Entertainment (Mekanima Inspira Nagara, PT) focused on developing novels, interactive comics, games and also animation.

Mekanima Inspira Nagara, PT established since 2012 founded by:

– Adhicipta Raharja Wirawan –

– Bonnie Soeherman –

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