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The Drinkers App is the first ever app to help you find incredible drink deals at the top 25 bars & restaurants near you, in just one tap. Period. Drinkers app is going to be the default way you find a place to go out. We are Live in NYC, LA, SF, Philly, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego and coming soon to more.

What makes Drinkers so different, and what kind of venues are on Drinkers?
First, Our algorithms go through a bunch of criteria and show you only the top 25 most popular/cool/fancy/hottest bars in the city that people love going to.
Second, among those 25 we only show you the ones that have awesome drink deals going on at that time. All this in just 1 tap. Its a no brainer.

Why do we believe this is a game changer?
Search and discovery of live happy hour deals at the top 25 bars & restaurants in any major city is now only a simple tap away. Getting drinks at some of the nicest places should never be so expensive, and that’s exactly the problem we solved with Drinkers, by moving all the complexity in our algorithms to the back and keeping it really simple on the front.

How can you save time using the Drinkers app?
Viewing deals and making decisions on where to go is now super simple. You will also never run out of time. No account creation hassles. In one tap, you’ll see all deals that haven’t expired (or are are starting very soon) around your exact location. Finding specific deals is also now really simple: just search for whatever it is you want (a store, an item, a brand), and the list shows you relevant results in a fraction of a second.

How can Drinkers help you save money?
Discover some of the top bars & restaurants near you that have special deals at amazing prices, a lot of times we just dont go to these fancy spots just because its too expensive, not anymore. They might have exactly what you’re looking for, you just don’t know they exist yet. Some of these locations will blow your mind, at such incredible prices.

Where are we currently?
Drinkers works everywhere, but at this time we have covered Philly, San Francisco, San Diego, LA, NYC, Seattle, Miami and Chicago. We are working with bars in other major cities and they will be available soon.

If you own a bar or restaurant and want to sign up and post deals, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Bottom Line: What are we waiting for, let’s get that drink on already.

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