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Hi, I am submitting my app called The Fantastic Race (an amazing race type party) for review.

App Store URL:

Web Page:

Promo Code: Y6LEX6A7PJ9P

Platforms: IPhone, IPad, IPod

This app is not a generic party planner! The Fantastic Race is a complete party of exciting activities for 8-14 year olds that are too old for musical chairs and pass-the-parcel. But too young to be unsupervised. And who demand far more excitement than a sleepover with movies!

The Fantastic Race party has 3 easy stages:

PARTY PREP will guide you with step by step instructions for you to set up The Fantastic Race party tailored to your individual needs.

CHECKLIST keeps track of items you need and allows you to send content for printing to your email.

PARTY PLAY allows you to confidently run the party by guiding you through every step in the party on the day.

Kids will love The Fantastic Race party challenges, working in teams to solve clues on location as they race around the neighbourhood, they’ll be in fits of laughter playing the Truth or Dare challenge and amaze themselves getting creative with tin foil and toilet paper to make a team uniform that must withstand the pace of an endurance course!

You can choose to do all or only some of the challenges, edit the details to suit your situation and add your own. Teams compete to earn points and the team with the most points at the end of the party is the Fantastic Race winner!


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