The King Is Gone Demo – 3D Puzzle Game, Where You Have To Run Away external link

This is a 3D puzzle game, where you have to run away. Different doors are blocking the way, that need to be unlocked to proceed as fast as possible. Each door will give a different benefit, and a combination of them is the key to succeed .. or fail.

To open a door, a puzzle is presented, where pieces of a key have to be rotated and merged together to open the door. The further you run, the more difficult the key puzzles become.

In the demo version there is only one mode unlocked:

* Normal Mode: Score is increasing the more you survive. It decreases the more you stay idle in a room without picking a door. There’s a set amount of rooms to complete before reaching the end.

The available benefits from the doors are:

* Green doors: Increase running speed.
* Purple doors: Increase lock-picking skills, which makes opening new doors easier.
* Blue doors: Gives extra chances before losing.
* Brown doors provide no direct benefit, apart from helping complete more rooms.

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  1. Irene Thomas says:

    It is a good app to have

  2. Julia Mitchell says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life