Thoughtful App Makes It Easier For You To See The Bright Side Of Life external link

The power of thought is profound. But what kind of thoughts makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy what you have and what you experience? Thoughtful app, an inspiring and colorful tool that makes it easier for you to see the bright side of life.

The app is constructed around 18 pickers with fragments of thoughts that can be combined into complete thoughts or affirmations. The thought fragments are carefully selected to encourage and reinforce various types of positive thoughts.

With the help of background patterns, typefaces, shapes and colors, the user can design their own affirmation card to print or to use as a lock screen on their phone. The app also schedules reminders so that the thoughts can be repeated on a regular basis. And it is possible to share thoughts via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, directly through the app.

Thoughtful app is aimed at anyone who wants to experience more well-being, wealth and love in life.

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