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Let AI track your time, while you focus on work. Time Studio logs your activity and recognizes patterns to track your time, allowing you concentrate and improve your workflow.

Time Studio is a time tracking application that logs all your activities on pc, across multiple devices. It presents the programs and websites you have used throughout the day in a timeline, making it easy to remember all the projects and tasks you have worked on. The AI will recognize patterns in your activities and will start filling in your schedule for you. These two innovations result in a time tracking solution that takes only a minute of your attention each day!
Other features include calendar integration and task hierarchies, which allow you to bundle related activities under a single heading. Figure out whether you spend more time on research or on writing, bugfixing or actually programming, and discover where your inefficiencies are hiding. Analysing this data is easy with the neat graphical report features showing exactly how you spend your time. Time Studio can help to drastically improve your workflow, with a minimum of required effort.

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  1. Ruby Diaz says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for