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Tiny Commandos is a third person shooter game for Android where you will have to fight hordes of aliens in a epic battle . The galaxy is at war and we are suffering an alien attack , live a lot of adventures with your favorite animal soldier and help him to save his world ¡¡ Get ready to defend the alien attack and give an opportunity to his animal troopers to win in the battlefield ¡¡


★ Third person shooter game .
★ Three funny heroes to choose .
★ Tiny and cute characters .
★ Level up your character and increment their statistics .
★ Get powerful weapons with amazing effects .
★ Get robotic pets to support you in the battle :
– Vega protect you and help to kill the enemies .
– Epsilon protect and heal you when you health is low .
★ Collect Power-Ups , coins and diamonds to get better weapons and robotic pets .
★ Sci-fi 3D environment .
★ Complete the first 20 levels , more levels will be added.
★ Fight lots of different types of aliens and avoid the traps .
★ Unlock Achievements & upload yours scores online in leaderboards with Google Play Game Services .
★ Translated into English .
★ Record your gameplays and share them online with EveryPlay .


– Right pad to move the player .
– Left controls to change weapon , open fire and use the Power-Ups .
– Auto Aiming can be changed in menu options .
– Camera distance can be changed in options .

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