TIP Tool – An Intuitive Drag-&-drop Tool For Your Patent Mining Process external link

The Triangle IP tool helps you manage your journey from ideas to patents.

After working in the IP industry for 25+ years, I felt the absence of a tool to manage your patent mining process. Yes, people do use excel sheets, emails, or some other makeshift arrangements for capturing and collaborating over ideas for patenting.

Simply saying, the TIP Tool helps you collate all your ideas in one platform and help you filter out the best ideas for patenting.

A few key features being:

1. Intuitive and easy idea form to capture your ideas.

2. Ease of collaboration results in the thorough vetting of the ideas.

3. Scoring the ideas help in prioritizing ideas to be pursued for patenting.

4. Drag and drop of ideas from one stage to another.

5. Tagging helps you filter the ideas needed around a particular subject or business need.

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  1. Anthony Thomas says:

    It is a great app thank you

  2. Jerald Henderson says:

    It is a very useful and interesting app