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Today is the most important day of your life.
Are you planning economical travel? Or it is only few days left before the salary and you need to check the rest of your money? This App will do it for you.
You will be asked only 2 questions: about amount of days and money. This small but smart app will determine how much money you can spend in a single day and will show the day balance. Just in one tap you are able to enter expenses to update the current day balance.
On the next day the money will be added to your balance so you can breathe and smile again :)
Animation, sounds, Scandinavian’s school graphic style, high contrasting color scheme. The App will allow you to evenly distribute money and not stay at a critical moment without a livelihood.
We have big plans for the growth of functionality (and prices!) and they will be implemented soon. It’s a good day to buy App at the lowest price.
Not a day without money! Yoo-hooo!

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