TOGO – Most Awaited App For Pet Lovers external link

TOGO is a companionship app for dog lovers. It is the first app having all-in-one fully loaded features. Not just that!

TOGO comes with its own bundled app -FIZZ, which is the first short video app for pet’s videos. You can install, open and run FIZZ directly from TOGO.

Socialise with TOGO. Celebrate with FIZZ.

Share short videos like funny dog moments, dog games, dog training or anything. Participate in dog fashion shows and get live ratings.

Celebrate events like your pet birthdays or send greetings to your friends’ pets.

Create or join clubs and socialise with dog parents and lovers. Let the world know your dog short stories. Read insightful dog blogs and eye catching visual stories.

Everyday utilities like dog health record keeping, reminders, finding dog mates and adoption/donation requests.

TOGO makes companionship with your fur baby a funny, joyful and memorable experience.

Celebrate the joy of companionship!

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  1. Artemis Dawn says:

    Helps me stay focused and on track