TraveLibro – A Social Network, Which Captures Your Entire Travel Story external link

Here’s an app, which gives you the opportunity to tell your stories differently, in brief or in detail; an app, which allows you to influence others and inspire their wanderlust; an app, which is a perfect snapshot of your personality, your travels, your experiences, and your stories. Every aspect of a trip can be documented in a revolutionary new form. It gives blogging a fun twist by creating a beautiful timeline of your travel stories with photos, videos, rating and reviewing of your check-ins and thoughts.

You can record all your expeditions by simply clicking on the two tabs, Local Life and Travel Life. While Local Life records activities in your home city, Travel Life is reserved for your past and present journeys.

What’s more, you can record you’re activities offline, and as and when you’re online, the activities will feature on your timeline!

The app has seen a tremendous growth from the beta version to going live. Currently, the TraveLibro community stands at 30,000 and is growing stronger by the day.

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    very well made

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