TypeLit.io — Practice And Improve Your Touch Typing By Retyping ENTIRE Classic Books! external link

Tired of the same old boring typing drills you’ve done a hundred times? Ridiculed by your pretentious friends for having not read Ulysses, or other 1000 page novels from 100+ years ago? Well worry no more because with TypeLit.io you can type the novel as you read it!

– Type all the best classic books, from Frankenstein to Sherlock Holmes, for FREE
– Improve your touch typing without falling asleep at your keyboard
– Read the great classics without falling asleep in your armchair
– Teach kids that reading and typing are even more fun when you do both simultaneously
– Hone your WPM and impress everyone with your amazingly quick typing speed
– Understand and appreciate obscure literary references made by people with English degrees

With TypeLit.io all of this is possible — and with our library of classic titles growing each week, we guarantee you’ll never run out of lit to type!

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  1. Paula Ross says:

    I never rate app weather I hate them or not but I am rating this app.