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uCalc is a service that helps you create and maintain calculators to estimate services and delivery costs as well as build booking, review, feedback, and event registration forms. No special knowledge and operational fees are required. You can create a calculator by just dragging the blocks and putting together simple formulas like A+B=C. You are provided with the embed code that needs to be added to a website powered by any platform. The built-in calculator is edited through the service.

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  1. Julie Garcia says:

    Actually fantastic, the UI, the aesthetic..

  2. If you are thinking about creating your own calculator, but the lack of experience and time stops, then you should look at the designers. I use several, one of my favorites is the designer of uCalc. Very nice design and design for calculators. You can use ready-made templates and customize them to your taste. Almost no restrictions on use. The free version has everything you need, and if you need more, then there are cheap rates. This is a great choice for a small company or a start-up entrepreneur.

  3. Christina Clark says:

    thank you