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Practice German articles (der die das), declension (akkusativ, dativ, genitiv), numbers and adjectives.
In opposition to Duolingo, Rosetta Stone or Babbel, in Unlimited German you will work with texts from Wikipedia. This provides you with ENDLESS hours of practice with REAL life texts. Having to answer questions while you read will force you to understand the text as well.

You can also choose to work on adjective declination, which follows rules of its own. With a built-in dictionary, the app recognizes all the adjectives from the text, and asks you to choose the right conjugated form.

To learn the meaning of new words, touch it and The Free Dictionary will show up.

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  1. Shawn Jenkins says:

    It is a good app to have

  2. Jean Murphy says:

    Good. But still space to improve.

  3. Samuel Kelly says:

    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!