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Animate your startpage with Unlimited. Get Calendar, TodoList, Weather, and many other cool features into your new tab.
Tired of the standard new tab? Well, Unlimity, that is what you need. This lightweight Chrome extension has a lot of excellent features, like the ToDo list (where you can write any notes, your daily schedule, rules, reminders, and so on), inspiring quotes, weather, and many others. Unlimity has a style design, universal settings panel, where you can set up anything that you need, outstanding live wallpapers on various topics, and that is just the beginning. The full list of the features you can find below:

== Features ==

✓ Super-fast flexible search which has a huge list of internet search engines, like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and many others;
✓ Weather info with animated icons for each weather state. Can work with different temperature format;
✓ Accurate Location information;
✓ Digital clock with unique designs;
✓ Easy to use settings panel where you can manipulate the appearance of each block, wallpapers, location, weather;
✓ Static and live full HD wallpapers. Each of them can be selected as a background for Unlimity;
✓ Synchronized Todo list & Calendar where you can organize your notes by the date and status;
✓ Inspiration, motivation, or a laugh quotes in every new tab;

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  1. Christina Clark says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!