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Updown is a personal trainer in your pocket. Exercise on your own schedule with personalized workouts generated instantly, just for you. This smart fitness app is perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Never plateau or get bored with 1,500+ available exercises. Choose your workout length, location, desired intensity, and pick from 5 workout types:

– Cardio: fast paced workout with minimal rest and maximal calorie burn for weight loss
– Strength: exercises that target specific body areas and build muscle
– Cross: combo of cardio and strength, intense workouts that enhance muscular endurance
– Core: build your six pack with a core strengthening routine
– Stretch: target specific muscles with a variety of unique stretches

After building your workout, Updown guides you through the exercises with visual and audio timers and a collection of high-res exercise animations.

What makes Updown different from other fitness apps? It’s SMART. It tells you exactly how much weight to use and how many reps to perform. And it learns from you and grows with you as you make progress.

Use the app’s “locations” feature to have Updown create a workout that uses the equipment you have. Workout at home in your underwear utilizing only your body weight. Or have Updown build you a workout that uses all the equipment at your local gym. There are options for everyone.

Just like a personal trainer, this fitness app keeps you motivated:

– Earn points and levels for exercising
– Compete with your friends for points
– View and save your friends’ workouts

For advanced users – try the custom workout tool. Pick exercises from our database and create your own routine from scratch. Save your masterpiece and share it with friends. Updown will automatically adjust the rep and weight numbers for each individual user!

Looking for an app to guide you as you begin your health and fitness journey?
Updown will work for you.

Looking for an app to take your fitness game to the next level?
Updown will work for you.

No more excuses!

Join the Updown community and start realizing your health and fitness goals today!

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  1. Matthew Brooks says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for

  2. Antoinette Bradley says:

    It is a great app thank you

  3. Mark Baker says:

    great application!!! great job by the creator of this