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One of the Best Urdu typing Keyboard and text Editor for writing URDU on the go. A beautifully designed app indeed, which has attractive features, is absolutely going to add to your ‘favorite app list’ for sure.

How to use Urdu Typing Keyboard on your Android handsets or tablets?
A Tutorial is given within inside on main app page.


1. Go to ‘Settings’ tab in main menu when you open app for the first time (recommended)
A. Enable Urdu/English Keyboard once.
B. Easily Switch between Urdu and English keyboards

How to Type in Urdu Typing only?

✔ Tap to enable Urdu alphabets and characters
✔ Type words or sentences in Urdu language

Our app is a new Urdu language typing tool for you. If you ever needed to write, edit, translate, search, send emails, compose blog posts, chat or share Urdu content from your phone on social media with your friends or family then this app is the right choice for you.

Our APP’s Salient Features:

This app provides an easiest way for Urdu typing, featuring;
– Voice to Text option
– Flat Keyboard Themes
– Thousands Of Free Emojis,

And many More unique features provided specifically for an Android phone and tablet users as listed below…

Whether you know native URDU language or not; Using URDU typing keyboard you can, not even type, but also speak in English to write in Urdu language on the go.

✔ Flat Keyboard Themes
Unique keyboard themes, colors and keyboard styles with funny emoji are fully free to use.

✔ 3500+ Emojis, Smileys for chatting:
URDU typing keyboard app has more than 3500 Emoji available within the app.

✔ Turn On Urdu Language Fast
✔ Speak And Type without Keyboard
✔ Fast Urdu features; converting your English typing into Urdu Words when a word completed
✔ Our App also has MIC support.
✔ Our App has Words Suggestion/predictions for Urdu Typing
✔ Option to Vibrate and sound ON/OFF feature.
✔ Our App lets you create contacts in Urdu.
✔ With Our App you can send SMS in Urdu
✔With Our App easily type and send Emails in Urdu.
✔ With Our App create Urdu Posts in your Facebook timeline.
✔ You can Search Google in Urdu
✔ Urdu Words Prediction
✔ English Words Prediction
✔ Auto Correct Typos
✔ Last but not the Least you may easily send Urdu messages using WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber or any other app installed your phone.

What’s the benefit over other similar apps?

✔Now you don’t have to change your android phone language every time you want to write in URDU language.
✔No need to install separate keyboards for typing Urdu or chatting with emojis.

So what are you waiting for install One of the best URDU typing keyboard app for android absolutely free of cost by Codo Keyboard and talk in Urdu directly from your phone hassle free.

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