UXtweak – Powerful Research Tools For Improving Usability Of Web Sites And Apps. external link

UXtweak is web app providing UX research tools that covers the entire process of web or application production from design to live web testing. Our core feature is unmoderated task-oriented studies on the web with your real users. Respondents don’t need to install anything nor upload video files anywhere. We also have a solution to recruit visitors online – or you can send your study via a link. It’s simple. Last but not least, UXtweak offers session recordings indexing every user’s event and making it searchable with advanced filters, Click, Move and Scroll Heatmaps, Tree Testing, Card Sorting and more.

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  1. Brenda Perry says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life

  2. Rose Carter says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential

  3. Billy Price says:

    The interface is amazing