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Venue Maestro is a disruptive business in the Australian meetings and events industry.

Over the last 3 years, we have generated thousands of venue booking enquiries for hospitality businesses across Australia wanting to increase revenue from their events spaces.

From extensive user and market research, we have found that event planners want a quick and easy platform to search for suitable venues for events and get in touch with the venue. We have also found that venues are operating on tight margins in a highly competitive industry and require a low-cost solution to generating quality leads for their event spaces.

As web and user experience specialists, we have designed a platform to solve these problems for event planners and venues.

We are on a mission to help Australian venue owners maximize bookings of their event spaces, increase revenue and run a profitable hospitality business without paying any commissions on bookings or event spend.

We leave venues feeling that they can rely on a low-cost marketing solution and finally hold onto their well-deserved profits.

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  1. Sarah Thompson says:

    Really nice.

  2. Zara Midnight says:

    I recommend this to all my friends and family