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●●● Video Rage Faces is the first and original app to create rage face videos! ●●●

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As the first app to create Rage Faces Videos, we will always strive to be the best video rage face and meme app out there!

● It’s easy to create your own rage face videos! Simply add your favourite rage face or meme head to any photo, position the rage face mouth and add any sound you want!
● Easily position, Rotate, Resize rage face heads with two fingers.
● Add accessory images to your rage faces – mustaches, hats, glasses, eyes and more!
● Import your favourite photos from Facebook to use to create hilarious rage face videos!
● Share rage faces videos with friends on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Email and SMS!
● Easily save rage face videos to your Photo Album.
● Automatically save your rage face videos in the app for easy access.
● New rage faces and meme faces are added in regular updates. If you have a rage face you want included in an app update, please send it to us!

** Attention users with iOS < 7.0 **
● In order to send your rage face videos by SMS from within the app, you need iOS 7.0 or greater. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you can save your rage face videos to your photo library and then select them manually from iMessage.

** Attention all users **
● Messages that can't be sent as an iMessage will be sent as an MMS.
● More rage faces coming soon!

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