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We are creating Spotify for Web3!

Just like Spotify, our mission is to be a key platform for beginners where they can quickly dive into the world of decentralized applications, finance, and more, just with one click.

And at the same time, to be a real tool for industry leaders. Like developers, DeFi investors, account fund managers and ordinary NFT collectors and traders.

Users’ pains and how we solve them

Pain: A very difficult threshold of entry for ordinary users.
Solution: We offer a simplified wallet which can be setup in one click, through social networks: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. For those, who worry about security we suggest a secret phrase or ledger with deep integration and awesome UX.

Pain: Low support of different chains out of the box
Solution: Native support for 17 EVM networks with auto-adding tokens, updating rates, and portfolio balance. All described functionality updating in real-time.

Pain: Inability to create multiple profiles in one browser
Solution: We have integrated the ability within our features to created multiple profiles. Now a productive user no longer needs 5 browsers and multiple computers. None of competitors have such a feature.

Pain: Inability to interact with different networks at the same time
Solution: We provide the ability to interact with dApps from different networks without switching the main network in the wallet itself. In additional, we have the ability to have a general activity across all networks.

Pain: A small pop-up for working with a large system
Solution: In addition to the usual popup for web extensions in the right corner of the screen, we have a well-designed user interface for fullscreen resolution.

For easy and fast user integration in Vigvam, we have MetaMask-compatible mode

But that’s not all, we’re not just solving current user problems and improving current solutions to make life easier for them. We’re expanding the possibilities of interaction with Web3 and don’t plan to stop.

In the near future, we plan to implement another set of features that improve the user experience:
Integrate more dapps than just swaps. For example: staking, borrowing and limit orders.
Gallery of decentralized applications (application store).
Integrated bridges – the exchanges between networks.
Multi-sig – managing one wallet by different people from different parts of the world.

We have previously described the main advantages that make Vigvam an indispensable key to the blockchain world. We have worked out every little detail at every step of interaction with Web3.
For 5 years, users had to put up with growing pains because there were no alternatives. We have solved all of them and implemented them into Vigvam. On average, we save advanced users about 2 hours a day on routine tasks thanks to well-designed wallet details.


We already have experience in developing extension wallets. Two audits with positive comments have already been passed, and not one critical issue has been found.

Vigvam’s private key encryption core was taken from
the already audited popular password manager.


Sergii Passionko
Working in crypto development for 6 years. During that time was created cold/hot wallets for exchanges and other custodial services.
The latest product is the leading wallet in the Tezos ecosystem called: Temple Wallet. Was the team leader of this project and still being the main contributor. Now Temple Wallet has more than 200k active users.

Oleh Khalin
Working in software development for 6 years, and for the last 3 of them, worked in crypto. Front-end developer and team leader on many projects.
At the moment, the turnover of the projects where was involved contains about $300 million. They include AMM, lending protocols, and other various decentralized applications.

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