Vinny – 1000 Ideas For Quality Time With Preschoolers At Your Fingertips external link

Vinny – 1000 ideas for quality time with preschoolers at your fingertips

Mobile app/B2C/$29/month (subscription)

Parenting is hard. We know it. We help you build relationships with your kids via meaningful entertainment.

3 founders +7 team members

James A. – 7 years in IT, Ex-Yandex, led a 35+ team. Launched 6 projects in 2020

Alex M. – business co-founder (capital turnover > $14M). Co-founder of AA Capital invest fund (4.3-fold capitalization growth in 3 years)

Nikita A. -8 years in IT. Exited the project with 1M+ users. Graduated in-person from 3 US startup accelerators (2020)

Projected CAC/LTV: > 3.38

TAM (US): $950M

SOM: $11M in 1-2 years

Target Audience (US): 9.6M users

Verified demand: 37 one-on-one interviews and 189 respondents surveyed (US).

500+ activities created (10 demos attached)

MVP in AppStore: [](

Incorporated in Delaware (Vinny Software Inc, Corp C)

Preseed round closed 250К$ valcap 5 mln $

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