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BadgePing, a wearable walkie talkie that pairs with a VoicePing’s smartphone app, hopes to provide a enterprise grade solution for companies who wants their field employees to communicate and collaborate better with instant voice communication.

“Most smartphones are in the 60db-80db range which means you can only hear your message if you hold the phone next to your ear or you are in a quiet indoor environment. However for professional outdoor use, workers need 100db loudness to ensure that they hear the messages.” – Smart Walkie Industry Insights

This is where Smart Walkie believes their wearable device, BadgePing, can overcome the hardware limitations of smartphones. BadgePing provides a 3-watt speaker that can go beyond 100db (equivalent to using a Hand Drill) so conversations can be heard even in noisy enviroment. BadgePing also has a PTT (Push-to-Talk) and channel change buttons that enables quick access without needing to reach for the phone.

“We wanted a wearable system that is unobstructive to work. Workers can wear BadgePing on their shirt or on their lanyard.” states Smart Walkie’s CEO, Zhou Wenhan, “Push to talk is an effective way to be connected to field workers but the devices that workers have might not be suitable until now. With BadgePing, companies, even those not using Walkie Talkies now, can be connected to field workers via instant voice”

The Singapore based company company believes that BadgePing’s wearability and cost-effectiveness can will prompt many companies to upgrade and even expand the base beyond the current logistics and hospitality industry.

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