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Breaking the global language barriers, voice bots powered by VoiceGenie speak 100+ languages and deliver humanized voice interactions every single time.

Unlike the traditional IVRs & rule-based voice bots, VoiceGenie focuses on positive outcomes, delivering intelligent goal-driven conversations, converting prospects to leads and leads to loyal customers.

Its generative capabilities and emotional intelligence helps it understand customer sentiments and respond with empathy everytime. It also handles precise human commands like adjusting pitch, volume, or repeating sentences whenever the customer asks for it. Via voice cloning, it also lets you choose the voice in which you want your voice assistant to talk to your customers.

VoiceGenie deploys across Android, iOS, Web, PSTN, and VoIP seamlessly. It safeguards data and takes customer privacy seriously.

With its full-fledged customer service, enhanced lead qualification, smoother on-boarding process, and scalability, VoiceGenie is suitable for businesses looking to strengthen their operations, boost their revenue, and build lasting customer relationships.

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