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Hey there,

I’m excited to share WallHabit with you – a tool that helps curb mindless scrolling and distractions on your phone.

Here’s the deal: WallHabit makes you pause before opening apps with a customizable challenge. During the app’s challenge, you’ll ask yourself, “Do I really need to use this app right now?” It’s a simple way to break the habit of mindless scrolling.

For instance, I personally use WallHabit to block both shorts and reels on my favorite social media apps. I’ve set up a challenge where to unlock the “blocked” app, I have to hold down the unlock button for a full minute without letting go. It’s a small challenge, but it makes me stop and think before diving into endless scrolling.

And the best part? You set it up once and forget about it. No constant adjustments, even during phone reboots.

So if you’re a student looking to stay focused during study sessions, or if you find yourself endlessly procrastinating on your phone, give WallHabit a try. It will definitely make a difference in your life.

WallHabit is available now on Playstore!

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  1. Douglas Baker says:

    Security features give me peace of mind