Websheet AI — ChatGPT In Google Sheets external link

Websheet AI makes your Google Spreadsheets smarter by adding AI features like ChatGPT and ElevenLabs. It’s easy to use and can do many different things.

To use it, select cells in your spreadsheet and choose functions from the sidebar. These functions can also be used as formulas to make your work even easier.

Here are some key features:
– TRANSLATE: Quickly change text between languages.
– FIXWRITING: Improve your writing by checking grammar and clarity.
– EDIT: Easily refine and adjust your text.
– ASK: Get helpful answers to your questions.
– MAKETABLE: Automatically organize data into tables.
– SAY: Change text into speech for listening.
– TRANSCRIBE: Turn spoken words into written text.
– IMAGINE: Create images from descriptions.

Websheet AI also lets you make custom chatbots, knowledge bases, and more. It’s the only AI tool you’ll need for your projects now and in the future.

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