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Efficiently organize your schedule, manage your time, cultivate habits, engage in activities, and accomplish daily tasks with Wheeldone!

Discover a brand-new approach to managing your schedule and daily routine with Wheeldone! Our innovative wheel dashboard and interactive calendar planner offer a flexible schedule editor, notifications, sharing options with others, and collaborative actions.


Establish habits, manage work, ensure sufficient sleep, practice meditation, or plan any daily or scheduled routine with Wheeldone. Create tasks within each category. Collaborate with other users by sharing your activities and doing them together. Set specific locations and receive automatic reminders for arrivals or departures. Integrate with HealthKit to automatically track and count results. Take notes and create tasks within the app, sharing your activities for collaborative efforts. Monitor your progress and view statistics for each activity. Utilize the Pomodoro timer to enhance focus during your daily tasks and keep track of your dedicated focus time.


Create checklists for everything you desire! Generate tasks and subtasks, and easily share your lists with others using Wheeldone Spaces or by sending them directly. Take advantage of reminders and scheduling features. Additionally, set specific locations to receive automatic reminders for arrivals or departures.


Celebrate birthdays, appointments, and other significant events by adding them to your to-do circle on Wheeldone. Share events seamlessly with others through Wheeldone Spaces. Flexible notifications will keep you informed about scheduled activities in advance or at the right time, and you can easily reschedule activities as needed.


Organize your activities and events by categorizing them into different calendars, such as work, vacation, or personal. Easily manage your view by muting calendars and applying filters on dashboards based on your current needs.


Create spaces to connect with other app users. For instance, you can establish a family space to share events or create a habit space to collaborate with friends in achieving common goals. Enhance your spaces by adding new activity lists and events, automatically share them with your space mates.


Install the Wheeldone app on your Apple Watch to effortlessly access and manage your daily tasks, track their progress, and receive timely reminders directly on your wrist. Maximize productivity by utilizing the Pomodoro timer, helping you focus on your daily activities and providing insights into your dedicated focus time.


Enhance your user experience by adding widgets to your Home Screen, offering real-time information about your habits, events, and task lists. Enjoy the flexibility of setting up widgets tailored to your specific needs, providing a quick and convenient way to stay updated on your daily activities.

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